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When purchasing appliances, most families go and get whichever model will do all of the things that they need the item to do for the lowest price that they can attain the item. Most of the time people don’t fork over the extra cash for a higher-end model when a basic version will do most of the same things for far less money. The price tag on many appliances, especially washing machines can be quite deceiving. The model with the lowest sticker price might not always be the best deal.

Extended service contracts can be worth the money spent on them however, there are some important things to consider when purchasing an extended service contract for your appliances.

When purchasing a vacuum cleaner that will endure heavy usage in your home you may fair better financially if you choose to acquire an extended service contract. Most contracts provide the purchaser with a free yearly check up and routine cleaning of their appliance which can help prevent costly repairs or replacement.

How much is the appliance used? Is it something that can breakdown if overused? Can the item be dropped or other wise abused by the owner and still function? Usage of an item is important to consider when deciding to buy an extended warranty. Vacuum cleaners are notorious for breaking down with over use, as are lawnmowers. These appliances would benefit from extended a  coverage area that would also allow for a free yearly overhaul and inspection.

How much would it cost you to replace or repair an item if it broke down? If the appliance you purchased is costly and would be costly to replace or repair you may want to consider an extended warranty.Consider this question,” would you be able to absorb the cost of repair or replacement without an extended warranty?”

The importance of an item to your household is another consideration you may give some attention to before deciding on whether or not to purchase an extended service contract. Could you or your family live without the appliance for even one day? Is the appliance important in your business or home functions? Computers,faxes and even those  gaming consoles could fall into this category. Many people have placed a great deal of importance in those high end electronics like computers and find that they would have difficulty being without them in operating condition for even one day. If your appliance falls into that category then an extended warranty may be a good idea.

If you know what you’re doing, you can save a lot of money on parts and labor by repairing your home appliances yourself.  You may not be able to fix every problem, but even just replacing small parts like switches, relays or motors can quickly add up in savings when you consider all of the money you would otherwise spend to have a repairman come out and do the same job.

For some brands of appliances, replacement parts can be  purchased directly from the manufacturer or company that owns the brand name.  Whirlpool, General Electric (GE), and York all sell replacement parts for their home appliances on their respective websites.Buying from a manufacturer is not always as simple as buying from a retailer.  Every manufacturer has a different website setup and different rules.  For example, York has a $50 minimum order threshold, and Whirlpool doesn’t give prices for all of its parts online.  In fact, you may have to call them at 1-888-279-2463 to order some parts.  Some manufacturers (like GE) will let you search for a part by keyword, but for others you’ll need to either know the model number of the appliance or the exact part number that you want to order.Kenmore parts can be purchased directly from Sears, the company that owns Kenmore.  Sears Parts Direct is a  good source for many appliance parts, for just about any brand or model, including Amana, White-Westinghouse, Maytag, and more.  more.  You can search for parts by appliance model number or part number, or you can browse by either brand or appliance category.  Standard shipping charges range from $7.99 to 15.99.Amazon is another good place to find appliance parts.   They don’t have as many parts as the previously listed websites, but if they happen to have the part or parts that you need, you can probably get it at a good price.  Some parts currently sold on Amazon include heat elements, switches, valves, and pumps for washers and dryers; a power cord kit and mounting gasket for Insinkerator disposals; and valves,   baskets, and brackets for dishwashers.  Most orders from Amazon are eligible for free shipping if they come to $25 or more.Another website where you can find appliance parts is Appliance Zone. Appliance Zone sells replacement parts for many different brands of appliances, including Amana, Whirlpool, Maytag, Magic Chef, Hotpoint, and more.  You can search for your part by part number or part description, or you can browse by category or brand.  They also have a handy Model Number Locator feature to help you find your appliance’s model number if you need it.